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We have already made a lot of changes to reduce clothing waste, reduce our paper consumption and reduce our energy consumption. This year, we are working on these exciting initiatives:

Reduce plastic waste - we are replacing plastic packaging with recycled paper packaging

Reduce paper waste - we now send orders for collection at school in reusable bags instead of paper bags. Please help us maximise the benefit to our planet by returning these bags to us. 

Buy fewer clothes - our tailors can run workshops at your school to help students to learn to upcycle the clothes that they have so that they buy fewer clothes. 

You can find more information on our initiatives here



We provide smart, high-quality uniform, that is comfortable to wear and easy to wash, at reasonable prices. We do not spend money on marketing or retail space - we spend money on the best fabrics and the best manufacturing partners. Unlike other companies that source each batch of uniform from the lowest bidder (which is why you see their fabrics, cut, sizing and country of manufacture change), we consistently use the same suppliers and hold reviews with them every three months to make improvements. The areas that we review are:

Design - we constantly make improvements in the design and cut of our products. Our parent company is a tailoring company and our tailors create our designs and patterns. Their expertise and attention to detail helps us to improve everything from the hook closures on trousers and skorts to the cut of our shirts. 

Fabrics - fabric technology is evolving rapidly. We carefully select fabrics that are comfortable, breathable, durable, tear-resistant, fade-resistant and washable. You can find more information on how we select our fabrics here

Sizing - we use the information that we get from measuring days and parents to make improvements to our sizing and fit. Please see the size charts on each product page for more information.



We offer the following industry-leading services.

Simple ordering process - our web site has a page for each school to make it simple to find the items that each child needs. We also have uniform guides to help parents choose the right uniform. 

Fast, convenient delivery - we deliver orders within one business day (for home delivery orders where we receive payment before noon) and we offer low-cost delivery to school campuses.

Fitting - our updated size charts help parents identify the right size for each child. We also have a fitting specialist who can answer queries about sizing within 24 hours. 

Order screening - we check all orders to make sure that all items ordered are for the same school and that sizes in the order seem consistent. We contact customers if we think they might want to amend their order.

English and Japanese help lines - we can answer your questions in both languages

School sales and sample days - we hold uniform sales and sample days by arrangement with each school. Please contact us at info@schooluniform.jp to enquire about holding an event at your school.



Our company was originally set up to support the Tohoku region by helping to create employment there after the earthquake and tsunami of 2011; our first uniform was manufactured there in 2012. We still manufacture in Tohoku as well as sourcing from several other suppliers. We require all of our suppliers to have ethical manufacturing practices (including paying fair wages, providing job stability, not employing under-age labour, etc) - we will never be party to the exploitative practices which are unfortunately common in clothing manufacture. 

We are very proud of our staff and the company culture that we have created in our operations centre in Shizuoka. As well as offering salaries that are much higher than the local average, we offer bonuses for innovation. We continually improve our processes to ensure that our fitting advice, customer service and delivery are the best in our industry. 



We support schools and education programs in developing countries. In 2014 we donated over 1,000 items of uniform to Caring for Cambodia, a charity that does fabulous work to provide education in poorer areas of Cambodia. You can read more about them at www.caringforcambodia.org 

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In 2015, we donated 400 items of uniform to a school in an area of the Philippines affected by flooding after a typhoon struck in October of that year. 

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In 2016, we donated 500 T shirts and sun hats to Syrian refugees stranded in camps in Greece. 

In 2017 and 2018, we donated 2,000 items of uniform to schools in rural areas of the Philippines affected by typhoons and flooding. 


If your school is interested in working with us to raise money or donate uniform to children that need our support please contact us at info@schooluniform.jp