TIS uniform policy

TIS School Wear Guidelines:


***All items of school wear MUST be marked with your child’s full name***


TIS has out-sourced its schoolwear to Top of the Class School Uniform. Please go online to: http://www.schooluniform.jp to purchase any required items. 


Please Note: by August 2018 TIS will adopt a complete uniform policy – from this time on, all students at TIS will be expected to wear only the schoolwear items (tops and bottoms) specified on the Top of the Class website.

Summer uniform is worn from after the Spring Break through to the October Break.

Winter uniform is worn from after the October Break to the Spring Break.



The only school wear required is the green smock, to be worn over the top of comfortable day clothes

Students need to bring a pair of “indoor shoes” to be kept at school for in-class wear – new, clean, easy on/off shoes are acceptable and widely available in Tokyo

Coats and jackets must have a loop so they can be hung up on hooks.

Children in K1 do not change for P.E., but should wear sport shoes and comfortable clothing (eg. stretchy pants, no skirts and no dresses) suitable for physical activities on P.E. day. The children bring sports shoes to school - which will be kept at the gym.



Regular Classroom - Tops 

Students can choose from TIS Polo-shirts and TIS Polo-dresses in blue, green and white, plus standard TIS Jackets for everyday school wear. 


Regular Classroom - Bottoms 

If you are purchasing new garments, please order items from Top of the Class.  Existing schoolwear should be cotton drill fabric and an appropriate length for school in navy or dark beige. Long pants and shorts should have no external pockets (ie: no cargos). Shorts, skirts, skorts or dresses should be mid thigh length or longer. 

*NB from August 2018 – all bottoms worn must be those purchased from Top of the Class


PE Class - Tops & Bottoms

All students (K2-G8) will be required to wear a TIS P.E. T-shirt and TIS PE shorts or track pants available from the Top of the Class web site. 

K2 – G2 students are allowed to wear P.E. T-shirts and shorts to school on their appointed P.E. days. 

G3-G8 students are allowed to wear their P.E. kit to school if they have PE in periods 1-3, but they must change afterwards into their regular school wear.

If students have P.E. later in the day, they will need to change at the appropriate recess. 


Socks, Leggings etc.

Socks should be navy or black when students wear navy trousers, and white or beige for khaki trousers.

White socks can be worn with the skirts or skorts 

Black tights or leggings should be worn in the winter



All students from K2-G8 are expected to have a pair of black “school” type shoes to wear for city field trips, special school functions, assemblies etc. These can be purchased online, or you can buy instore.

Footwear must adequately protect the feet and be safe when students are running outside or walking down stairs. The shoes need to be of a strong material and very secure on the feet, in a plain dark colour, preferably black. Sports shoes are acceptable for day-to-day. Shoes that can be shaken off the foot such as "flip flops", "Crocs", etc. are not acceptable footwear.



In the first term until the October break, and in the third term from Golden Week break, all students MUST have a named sunhat to wear during outdoor recesses. These are available on the Top of the Class web site. 


Backpacks, lunch packs, and heavy winter coats are not specified TIS school wear items.